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My daughter drowned before I lost my marriage – Xandy Kamel explains her rant on social media



On United Showbiz, she explained that when she lost her husband, she wasn’t ranting on social media about her failed marriage, but rather about all the other things that made her heart heavy and unable to cope, such as losing her daughter, who had just completed the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E.).

According to Xandy, just two days after losing her daughter, her marriage fell apart. She discovered that her husband had been unfaithful and had no interest in supporting her through the difficult time of grieving for their daughter.

“Two days after my marriage loss, my first child, who had just finished writing B.E.C.E. and was waiting for her results, died after drowning, and then I catch my husband… hmm, it wasn’t easy,” she said.

In an attempt to seek justice for her daughter’s death, Xandy said she asked her husband to accompany her to the police station to file a report.

However, he refused and did not even attend their daughter’s funeral. This left Xandy to face the traumatic experience alone.

“I told my husband that since he’s the only man in my family, he should accompany me to the police station to file a police case, but my husband told me he won’t go. He also didn’t go with me to the funeral,” she lamented.

Despite the immense pain she has been through, Xandy added that she has also faced criticism and body-shaming from strangers online.

She expressed her frustration with those who choose to judge her without understanding the challenges she has faced.

“Do you know what I have been through and you sit on social media and write garbage about me? God will punish all of them, and I pray that everybody who has either body-shamed me or insulted me, or anything rubbish about me because of a failed marriage, the person should taste a little bit of the pain I am going through and know that God loves me for being alive,” she expressed.



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