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Meet Krampus, the ruthless Christmas demon that drags bad people to hell on 25th December



Krampus, the pitiless Christmas demon

Every year in December, people around the world expect and hope to receive gifts from their families, friends, institutions, and companies they are affiliated with, especially on the day of Christmas.

Most kids pray on the eve of Christmas to receive items on their wish list as gifts from Santa.

For adults, it is the hope of celebrating Christmas in peace, in good health and with the ability to do something appreciable for their families.

The above, however, is for those who behaved well and were good people for the first eleven months of the year; if you were a bad person, in the place of goodies, Santa, and happiness, you get Krampus!

The ruthless Christmas demon that drags naughty and bad people to hell alive.

Who’s Krampus, you ask? He’s a half-man, half-goat demon who comes around every year to chase naughty people, especially children, and maybe even drag them to hell his victim is unable to appease him.

According to multiple reports online, Krampus is the son of Hel, the pitiless prince of the underworld.

Unlike Santa Claus or St. Nicholas who are known for gift sharing, Krampus arrives on earth on the evening of December 5.

Krampus beats those who are naughty with branches and sticks. He is said to eat parts of their bodies in some cases, and if a victim does not appease Krampus by the morning of December 25, the Christmas Demon snatches their soul and drags them to hell.

To determine if one would be tormented by Krampus, in Europe and America, people would leave a pair of shoes out overnight.

Should a leg be missing the next morning, the shoe owner should look forward to a visit from the merciless Christmas demon.

There is currently no way to appease Krampus, so stay safe and do your best to avoid him.



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