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Meet Akwasi Agyeman, the farmer with amputated arms who owns 3 acres of cocoa farm

The farmer had his left hand amputated during his youthful years as a result of an accident he was engaged in.

According to the farmer, after the accident had happened and his hand was amputated, he almost always followed his parents to the farm and that was when he decided he could also engage himself in such activity.

In an interview with host, Eric Owusu Boahen of Ahenfo Tv, he explained how he didn’t let his situation overcome him and how he now owns a cocoa farm and other farmlands.

Opanin Agyemang disclosed that it was not easy from the start because there came a time when he was unable to come out of his room because people in the community would act funny and ask questions.

“I had an accident and an amputation when I was twenty-four (24) years old and the aftermath was not easy for me. The children in my community used to ask a lot of questions anytime I come out and even go to the extent of surrounding me which made me feel uncomfortable but I always told myself that God will come through for me.

“One day I said to myself, I would not succumb to my situation and even the Bible said God helps those who help themselves and truly God came through for me”, he stated.

Surprisingly, Akwasi Agyemang disclosed that no one helped him weed and clear his farmlands after he had acquired it and that he did that all by himself. He added that it was after he got married that his wife joined him on the farm.
“I own the farm and did the weeding myself. There was no helping hand from anywhere, everything was done by me and was done by right hand only. To add up, I am capable of climbing trees, I sow and also harvest everything myself,” he said.

The amputated farmer, despite his situation, never gave up and aside from his cocoa farm, he can also boast of having a cassava, an orange and a groundnut farm.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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