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Stop Bias Governance, Use Right People For Agric Ministry- Angry Farmer Jabs

Disappointed by the incessant failure of various governments to make farming attractive, the CEO of Aboboyaa Company Ltd and a farmer, Mr. Gideon Seidu aka Aboboyaa has heavily descended on the subsequent governments; NDC, NPP for being bias when it comes to Agriculture and farmers welfare in the country.


According to the furious CEO and a farmer, he’s very much disappointed in the way these aforementioned governments host farmers when they come into power. He tells the Asona Dehyie Kwarteng that, failure to properly manage farmers in the country is attributed from the fact that wrong people are appointed to manage the agricultural ministry which is very funny and a joke.


“How do you just appoint someone who has no knowledge in agricultural to head the agricultural ministry as a minister? Do you just do it because he attained his degree in the western world, does that give him knowledge to manage agric? He angrily quizzed.


Expressing further disappointment, Mr. Seidu indicated that being an agric minister does not call for someone who only put on nice suits and ties without having any innovative knowledge about farming.


He suggests that industrious and knowledgeable farmers who have been declared best farmers in the various regions should be brought up to form the agric ministry.


“NDC, ‘the yentie obiara party’ and the NPP, ‘the all die be die party’ only come in to make talks without doing anything better to revive the agric ministry”, he said.


He asked authorities to ensure that cocoa scholarships go to children and wards of farmers? And not to children from affluent parents who have never set foot on any cocoa farm.


Mr Gideon,appealed to the government to facilitate the granting of loans to them for the expansion of their farms.


A lot more needed to be done. Lack of funds is a major drawback on increased production because farmers lacked the resources with which to expand their farms.


His comments comes after the outspoken Assin Central MP, Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong made an assertion that only those who wish to forever remain poor in life go into farming since there’s nothing better done by the government to boost farming.


Finalising his reservation, Mr. Seidu advised that farmers should not give up despite all these challenges and God is going to bless them through that.




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