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Land guards attack farmers, seize land in Gomoa Okyereko



A distressing incident unfolded in Gomoa Okyereko as over 150 land guards launched a violent attack on farmers, discharging live ammunition and forcibly seizing their lands for sale.

The farming community, which serves as home to more than 2,000 residents in the Gomoa East District of the Central Region, fell victim to this alarming aggression.

Residents have accused certain opinion leaders and politicians from Effutu of orchestrating the presence of these land guards, attempting to unlawfully claim their lands without any legal backing. Despite numerous complaints lodged with the Dominase District Police Command, Central East Regional Police Command, and DCE Solomon Darko Quarm, no action has been taken to halt the land grading activities.

Expressing their dismay, the residents have called upon the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and other authorities to intervene promptly.

According to a report, they have vowed to mobilize themselves and take action if their efforts to regain control over their lands prove unsuccessful.

Nana Kofi Donkor, the chief of Gomoa Okyereko, lamented that these land guards have already graded more than 200 acres of land, destroying all crops in the process. He expressed deep disappointment that despite the existence of laws, some politicians from Winneba are utilizing land guards to terrorize the community.

The affected residents and local authorities are now seeking urgent assistance to resolve this distressing situation and restore peace to Gomoa Okyereko.

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