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I’m not dead – Germany-based Ghanaian lady who made rape allegations against Prophet Ajagurajah speaks



Earlier in the week, there were wild reports about the woman being dead following the curses rained on her by Ajagurajah.

The rumors which were spearheaded by a Germany-based Ghanaian blogger alleging that Gladys Ametepe fell sick and died in a way similar to what Prophet Ajagurajah predicted.

But in a video reaction, Gladys Ametepe swatted the reports, noting that the rumors were untrue and that she was alive.

While debunking the reports, Gladys Ametepe fired more shots at Prophet Ajagurajah, slamming him for being a charlatan who is parading himself as a man of God.

She did not leave the blogger out of her effusions, castigating him for exhibiting what she believes to be crass and uncivilized behavior.

Gladys Ametepe fired Ajagurajah again, warning him against making attempts on her life as she was covered spiritually.

According to Gladys Ametepe, who maintains that she was allegedly raped by the ‘man of God’, she will continue to lash out at Ajagurajah.

“There are reports circulating that I am dead. A Germany-based Ghanaian blogger is reporting that Ajagurajah has killed me so I’m coming out to dismiss the reports. As I speak now, I’m roaming in Germany so I want all my fans to know that Ajagurajah is not God and he cannot kill me,” Gladys stated.

“I haven’t done him any wrong, he’s the one who did something bad. Whatever he tries to do will backfire. He cannot kill me because my blood and soul are strong. I’m an Ewe and Krobo so you cannot kill me. Ghanaians, I want you to know that I’m not dead,” she added.




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