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I noticed Stonebwoy was going to be a great helper to me in achieving my goals – Louisa Satekla



She explained that during her courtship with Stonebwoy, she noticed that they were both goal-oriented and would be of help to each other in pursuing their goals and dreams, concluding that she doesn’t think she rushed into her marriage with Stonebwoy.

“I am someone who is ambitious and goal-oriented and is the same as Stone, so I noticed that he is going to be a great helper for me to pursue and achieve my personal goals. So that puts it all together, so I don’t think I got married early. I think I am still pursuing my goals and dreams, so the job is getting done”, she said in an interview with Berla Mundi on The Day Show.

The dentist, during the engagement, recounted some ways Stonebwoy helped her when they were getting to know each other, which gave her a sign that the Dancehall artiste was the right person for her.

She said: “When I was in school, and I was studying for exams and things like that, he works a lot at night and is always in the studio and stuff, and when I am staying up to study, he stays up with me and keeps calling… He will actually quiz you about what you’ve learnt to make sure that you aren’t dozing off. Those kinds of little things were all green flags that helped to make that decision”.

She advised that one major thing one has to look out for in choosing the right partner is to probe whether both the man and the woman are willing to help each other pursue their dreams.

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