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Bawumia hailed for his strong reaction and swift call for Adu Boahen’s dismissal

Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

Scores of Ghanaians have commended the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, for calling out the Minister of State at the Ministry of Finance, Charles Adu Boahen and asking for his dismissal, following allegations of corrupt deals involving the Minister.

Charles Adu Boahen, in a Facebook post by investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyao Anas, was alleged to have asked for $200,000 from investigators who posed as businessmen, to be given to the Vice President in order to set up a meeting for them.

Following the publication by Anas, Dr. Bawumia, in a strongly-worded reaction on his Facebook, said he has not sanctioned the Minister for such a discussion, warning his integrity means a lot to him and won’t allow anyone to use his name for “corrupt practices”.

Dr. Bawumia, in what was clearly an angry tone, described the Minister’s position as untenable (if he indeed did what he is alleged by Anas to have done) and called for his immediate dismissal.

Not long after the Vice President’s angry post, a statement from the Presidency announced that the President has dismissed the Minister of State.


Dr. Bawumia’s swift and emphatic response on his page, outrightly calling out Charles Adu Boahene for ‘influence peddling”, and boldly calling for his dismissal and investigations, attracted praise from many Ghanaians.

Many were of the view only a few politicians in the country could come out as strongly and boldly as Dr. Bawumia has done in the midst of corruption allegations.

Some popular Ghanaians, including media personality Nana Aba Anamoah, IMANI’s Kofi Bentil and Franklin Cudjoe all commented in support of the Vice President’s clean character and lashed at the Minister of State, who has already incurred the wrath of his own party’s members of Parliament, who have already called for his resignation, or dismissal by the President.

Below are some of the comments.

Kofi Bentil

The facts so far:

1. Someone had their meeting and invoked the name of a big man, without the big man’s knowledge or permission.

2. The Big man HAS NEVER BEEN KNOWN TO DO THAT.!! In his many years in Leadership!!

3. The big man’s aide has flatly denied that any such thing has been discussed and stated categorically that it won’t happen.

I am ok with the explanation from the big man. He has nothing to answer!

Let’s hear from the main people involved.


When making business deals, one must always be measured. Grandstanding should be avoided at all cost especially when it involves others who are unaware of the deals. Not sure Veep Bawumia needs financial ‘pimping’ from anyone. The Minister was too excited at the opportunity. Will wait for the full video though.


1. A childish braggart. That one.

They flash dollars at you then you start yobbing plenty. That’s what greed does to you.

2. Charles Adu Boahen should have stepped aside by now.
And he shouldn’t dare take the path of entrapment.

3. Greed, dishonesty, silly bragging, sensational childishness and lies got the best of you.


USD200K ‘consultation fee’? Influence peddling is criminal, no? The coming days will be interesting.


Dr. Bawumia is clean as Jesus in heaven. He is one of our credible northerners still standing tall. Show us your saint and I will show the Cottonwood in the (ANNUS)




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