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Andy Dosty’s ‘child’ who mysteriously never became his



The striking resemblance was enough for Andy Dosty and others to conclude a child borne by his ex-girlfriend was his; however, the said girlfriend shot down such suggestions, insisting that the radio presenter was not the father of the child – an old story as told by the media personality when he appeared on The Delay Show recently.

Now a force to reckon with in the media space, Andy Dosty, at the time, set eyes on the child for the first time when she was a teenager and the remarkable similarity shocked him to the bone, he recalled.

“There was a story of my old girlfriend who gave birth and the child resembled me. I didn’t see the child grow till she was 13 or 15,” said Andy Dosty who communicated in both English and Twi languages during the interview monitored by GhanaWeb.

“To be frank, when I saw the child, I was shocked at the striking resemblance. Even my siblings do not bear such resemblance to me. The child really resembles me,” he repeatedly stated, disclosing a conversation he had with the mother of the child which seemed to have burst his bubble.

“I asked the mother but she said the child is not mine,” Andy said, conceding that, “She’s not my child because her mother says she’s not mine.”

Detailing the complex relationship with the child he believed to be his, despite the denial of paternity by his ex-girlfriend, the ace disc jockey and broadcaster recounted taking care of the child at a point with no strings attached, except for being driven by his admiration for the strong resemblance and the satisfaction he derived from providing for the child. Among others, he paid the child’s school fees and bought her items.

“I consider her as my child because, at a point, I paid her fees, bought provisions and stuff because it was adorable,” Andy said. “I felt so proud walking with her because of the resemblance. People asked if she was my younger sibling. The resemblance was too much. I wished she was mine but I was told she’s not mine.”

Among the people who were more than convinced the child was his was his mother. In Andy Dosty’s narrative, he once took the child to his mother’s house upon the advice of his former boss.

“We got there, sat and ate. While eating, my mother came in, went back continuously, and said she would want to have a conversation with me,” he recalled. “She asked me who the child is, who is her mother, how well do I know the mother and I said the mother is an old friend. I asked her why these many questions and she responded that even her legs look exactly like mine.”

On why he has not resorted to a DNA test to authenticate the paternity of the child, Andy said even the lab technician, upon seeing him and the child, uttered words that echoed his thoughts.

He said: “I took her out for a DNA test. When we got there, the lab technician looked at me and said I’m just coming to waste money.”

The child, now a grownup, according to Andy Dosty, is married and resides in Durban. Despite the relationship that existed between him and the child, Andy said he was “never informed” about the marriage, adding that “she’s given birth”.

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