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Zoophilist calls out betrayal of Ghana Wildlife over attempts to close his mini zoo



The man, Solomon Dieudonné Ametepey, who a report had earlier been published about, told GhanaWeb’s video journalist, Kwame Adzaho-Amenortor, that the Society had assured him that they would help him keep his animals, and also run his zoo.

However, on a scheduled visit from the GWS to the site where Dieudonné keeps his caged animals, he got the biggest shock of his life when the team told him that they were there to close down the place.

He explained that the reasons they gave him was that the environment in which he keeps the animals is not safe.

“I have always had a passion for keeping animals. These animals are all orphans. They were trapped by hunters and their mothers killed. Now, they need help and I cater for them.

“I have to sacrifice money I use for food to get food for the animals, and to keep them in good health.

“In Africa, if you want to do something concerning nature, you have to involve the government and so I went to Ghana Wildlife Society to assist me to get a pet license.

“They promised to assist me. They were supposed to come for a follow-up visit where they would inspect my place and grant me a pet license,” he explained.

The visibly distraught Solomon added that this decision by the Ghana Wildlife Society will only further deepen his woes in life.

Solomon speaks about the development:

He added that, for instance, while he is caring for the animals, sacrificing for them, he is also at the same time having to take care of his sick mother.

Solomon Ametepey also indicated that because of his determination and love for the animals, his wife has also abandoned him.

“As I am talking to you now, my mum is having an issue and I have to be with her to wash, bath and feed her, because I cannot leave her in Accra here.

“I love my mum and the pets, and because of this, I decided to transfer some of the animals from where I lived in the village, so that they are closer to me. That way, I am able to cater for my mum and the animals,” he added, while drenched in despair.

Solomon also explained that this new development leaves him broken and confused, and he hopes that he can get some real help from somewhere to help save his animals.

“I really have a passion for animals and I want to open a mini zoo and I want them (Ghana Wildlife) to assist me, or if there is someone out there who can assist me to have my dream come true, I would be grateful.

“I am sure with this, my wife will better understand what I am doing and return home after she threw her wedding ring at me and left because she said I didn’t have time for her as much as I did for the animals,” he said with a lot of hope.

GhanaWeb, however, made attempts to speak with the Ghana Wildlife Society team at site but our reporter was turned away with the excuse that he should come over to their head office to get clarity on the issues.

A video of Solomon’s farm:



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