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Woman lock-up boyfriend in her room after pregnancy emerged

A woman named Salamatu from Agona Asaman opened up about why she locked her boyfriend up in her room in the middle of the night. According to the lady, she got into a relationship with Prince many years ago, but after she got pregnant, the man deliberately quarrelled with her and kicked her out of the house, saying that he should send the pregnancy to her ex-husband.

She got another place to live and work in a chop bar to support herself, but Prince then begged her to accept him again, due to their unborn baby, she accepted him and lived peacefully with Prince. The lady said that after she gave birth, the man visited her in the hospital but when he was informed of the hospital bills, he assured her that he would come back and pay them. She waited for two weeks without her boyfriend returning To the hospital to pay the hospital bills.

One morning she saw the man’s brother outside the hospital and informed him of the bills. That brother later came to pay half of the bills but he left the hospital without paying the rest. She has to beg the doctors to let her go home but is assured that she will settle the bills later. Fortunately, they listen to her pleas and she went home. Her friend too helped her by raising funds at their information centre for her. She got Ghc300 and went to pay the rest of the bills.

A few days later Prince came to see her in the middle of the night but because of the sad experience this man made her go through at the hospital, she decided to pay him back by arresting him. She locked him up in her room and went to inform their community chairman about her intentions to arrest him, the chairman and some elders sent him to their detained in one of there but he escaped. A year later, Prince and his father came begging to reconcile with her and stay together to cater for the child.


His father advised her not to arrest Prince as she planned earlier. Salamatu went on to say that she agreed with the elder’s advice and allow Prince to visit her. The worrisome part of her story is that Prince didn’t give her money to cater for the child. She later went to stay together at Asman with the hope that he will change and perform his duties but her boyfriend travelled to their hometown without coming back again or sending her money. Salamatu said she can’t provide everything their child needs so she wants her boyfriend to also support her in catering for their child

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