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Wode Maya’s advice that changed the sorry life of Ras Nene



Wode Maya

A piece of advice from YouTuber Wode Maya to Ras Nene was initially ignored by the latter as he thought it was irrelevant but later embraced it.

Ras Nene, an actor famed for his comic skit and ‘wicked’ roles played in a number of movies said the famous YouTuber urged him to create a YouTube account and assiduously feed the channel with compelling content.

That piece of advice, he said, and the decision to heed changed his life at the time he (Ras Nene) moved from hero to zero. According to the actor who admitted to selling hard drugs before venturing into the movie industry, he had invested the money he made from acting in galamsey and lost all, making life unbearable.
However, a friend he once helped, came to his rescue and that was the turning point.

“When I was wealthy, I bought a plane ticket for a friend called Louis to go to China,” Ras Nene said in the Twi language on The Delay Show aired on January 15, 2023. “He had a visa but didn’t have money for the ticket so I came in to help. He planned to take me to China. By the time he returned, I was broke”.

“He took me to China and I met Wode Maya and a couple of people there. Everyone had a laptop. Wode Maya came to me and advised me to take YouTube seriously because it will be financially rewarding,” Ras Nene added.

According to him, he ignored Wode Maya’s advice but the popular YouTuber created an account for him.

“I didn’t know anything about it and thought the process would be long,” Ras Nene explained why he ignored Wode Maya’s counsel. “When I returned to Ghana, Polino also made a comment about YouTube.”

From that moment, Ras Nene said heeded the advice from Wode Maya and created content.

In the last couple of years, Ras Nene, otherwise known as Dr. Likee, has become a sensation on various social media platforms with his content which some find witty and interesting. He has transitioned from an actor who played the role of an armed robber, drug dealer, and executioner to one who entertains his viewers with comedy.



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