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Wives of Alhaji Asuma Banda fights at his hospital bed for his signature

Millionaire Asuma Banda’s wives are popular on social media right now because they went to his bedside to fight for his signature.

The millionaire businessman has been sick for a while and has been in the hospital hoping to get better. However, neither of his first or second wives seem to be getting better.

In the sad video, the CEO of Antrak Air and Logistics looks pretty sick and is on life support. He can barely talk.

Also, a picture of a schoolboy who sent a bowl of fufu to Our Day is going viral.

The children from his first marriage, as well as the children from his second marriage, were all gathered around his bed.

The man filming the event told his father that Baaba had been signing checks and other papers in his name. He then asked his father to show him his hands.

After a while of fighting, hospital security went into the hospital ward to take Alhaji Banda away, even though his son and first wife tried to stop them.

At a news conference a few days ago in Accra, the head of the family asked the government to get involved in these family fights so that his sick royals could be freed and taken back to their home town for proper care and treatment.

The family head said that Alhaji Banda’s second wife showed up at 37 Hospital with a court order asking that Alhaji be released to her despite his condition. The second wife’s action is seen by the family as an attempt to keep Alhaji Banda away from the family, the family head said.

In the Ashanti region, Mr. Abu Bandah, who is also the Banda Chief, is very against this and has asked those in power to make sure that Alhaji Asuma Banda is returned to his family.


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