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Why some women have low sex drive

Dzifa Sweetness, a Ghanaian sex and relationship coach, has listed some possible reasons why some women have low sex drive.

In an interview on etv Ghana’s adult edutainment programme ‘In Bed with Adwen’, Dzifa said every woman has a different level of sex drive, hence, there are various factors that cause sexual weakness in women.

“Some women naturally have a low sex drive but for some, it could be because of some prescription they are on. It could be her age or even because she has given birth. Some women get low sex drive after giving birth. In this case, you can communicate it to your partner so that you can see a doctor for help”.

She added that there are other factors like rape or bad sexual experiences which are more psychological and require more attention.

“For some women, the cause of their sexual weakness or low sex drive is the use of several vaginal products. A lot of medicines that women use in their vagina kills their sex drive. The vagina is rough, that is what makes sex nice when the penis is thrusting in and out. If you keep using these medicines as cleansing and tightening, it messes with that roughness and sex gets less pleasurable. That’s when your sex drive starts to drop,” she educated.

She advised men to handle their women properly and try as much as possible to match their sexual energies.

Source: etvghana.com

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