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Meet the 78-year-old man with 32 children, living with a 35-year-old wife

Attah Kwame has over 30 children and he says he is not even done yet

He prides himself in the number of children he has, boasting about the fact that he is not even done yet.

Attah Kwame, a 78-year-old farmer was discovered in the forests Abesewa Gyaman near Adeemmra and Wassa Amenfi East in the Western Region of Ghana, by one of Ghana’s foremost drone pilots and documentary producers, Edem Srem.

Speaking to him a short interaction and shared on his YouTube channel, Attah Kwame explained that most of his children are from over 20 women.

He explained that the woman he currently lives with is 35-year-old, with whom he has five children.

Attah Kwame, who has been farming all his life, believes other men should be like him and give birth to many children.

Below is a transcript of the interactions Edem Srem had with Attah Kwame:

Attah: “I have 32 children. In fact, had my twins not died at Nsawam, they would have been 34.

Question (Edem): Why do you have so many children?
Answer (Attah): Childbirth is from God that’s why.

Q: So, the woman you currently with, how old is she?
A: She is 35-years-old.

Q: And how many children do you have with her?
A: We have 5 children together.

Q: So, that all? I believe you are done giving birth?
A: No way! We will give birth to more.

Q: And how old are you?
A: I am 78 years.

Q: So, with your 20 children, how many women gave birth to them?
A: Each one has their mother.

Q: So, do you know all your children?
A: Sure; I live with all of them. I know all of them.

Q: And do they all know each other?
A: They all do.

Q: What is your advice to men?
A: Every man should give birth to many children like I have done.


Watch him speak in the video below:



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