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Why Pappy Kojo nearly walked out of UTV studios



Still discussing Yvonne Nelson’s memoir and Sarkodie’s response on the show, Mr. Logic who sounded unhappy with comments from Pappy Kojo insisted that he (Pappy Kojo) apologises to Yvonne Nelson.

Pappy Kojo, also in a rebuttal asked Mr Logic to retract his remarks about Feli Nuna when she also appeared on United Showbiz if indeed Mr Logic respected women.

Below is the transcript of what transpired between Pappy Kojo and Mr Logic:

Mr Logic: I am saying that I am making references to what I saw. I am saying that Yvonne is your friend (referring to Pappy Kojo). I cannot say what you guys share.

Pappy Kojo: How did you know Yvonne is my friend?

Mr Logic: Don’t you have pictures with her?

Pappy Kojo: Does that make her my friend?

Mr Logic: Ah, do you think I am a child?

Pappy Kojo: Does taking a picture with someone mean I am the person’s friend?

Mr Logic: Is she, not your friend that you have both videos and pictures with her?

Pappy Kojo: No, if you are talking calm down; it’s like you want to fight me

Mr Logic: I am fighting you for what exactly?

Pappy Kojo: The same energy you gave to Feli Nuna…

Mr Logic: Pappy, the energy you brought is the same energy I came with because already I came in peace but if you want trouble then me too I will bring mine.

Pappy Kojo: As I said, I didn’t come here…… let me tell you what I am talking about. You are here trying to defend Yvonne; Yvonne is as a woman the same way Fela Nuna is. So, if you are going to defend Yvonne, it’s either it’s because she has money or she’s famous or you are seeing Yvonne that’s why you defend Yvonne but Yvonne is a woman like Fela Nuna so if Fela Nuna comes here and you guys disrespect Fela Nuna, I don’t see why right now you are sitting here trying to defend Yvonne like the conversation is not ……

Mr Logic: Let me respond to him. The time Fela Nuna came here, you were not here. You watched from home and I’m telling you that when Feli came here, maybe because you were just watching from home, you thought we were pushing her around. Did you see how it started?

Pappy Kojo: I saw what I saw my guy…

Mr Logic: If you respect Feli Nuna enough to ask me to apologise to her then you should respect Yvonne enough for you to apologise to her for the mockery you made of her. Yes, you are laughing. I am telling you.

Pappy Kojo: So let me ask you; what happened to support Ghana music; what happened to support your brother?

Mr Logic: Support which brother?

Pappy Kojo: Sarkodie

Mr Logic: What has Sark done? How am I against Sark?

Pappy Kojo: Right now, the music we do, it’s not just raps. It comes with TikTok challenge, it comes with a whole lot. Maybe, Sark doesn’t do TikTok challenge but we need to push the song but I Pappy Kojo will do the TikTok challenge for my brother. What about that?

Mr Logic: If you tell me what you did is support your brother then it’s a lie because the song, we all know the background. It’s not so tastable…

Pappy Kojo: You can’t say that; that’s disrespectful to Sarkodie, you can’t say that. Someone does a song and you sit on TV and say it’s not tastable, what are you talking about?

Mr Logic: A song that you use course words and you yourself said you are not proud of it, what are you talking about?

Pappy Kojo: My guy, he does rap. I don’t know why I have to come here and tolerate this disrespect. I am a winning award artist, you can’t let him talk to me like that, you understand?

Pappy Kojo who claims he was disrespected stood up, took a bite of bread and called his team to leave the studio but the host of United Showbiz MzGee and other pundits asked him to return which he did.



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