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Why Meningitis has killed 40 up north

About four hundred (400) people have been infected with a new strain of meningitis in the northern part of Ghana. 40 out of the 400 has been reported dead.

 meningitis is explained as an infection that affects the delicate membranes — called meninges — that cover the brain and spinal cord. You or your children can catch it.

There are several causes of this disease, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Bacterial meningitis can be life-threatening and spreads between people in close contact with each other.

Viral meningitis tends to be less severe, and most people recover completely without treatment.

Fungal meningitis is a rare form of the disease. It usually happens only in people whose immune system — the body’s defence against germs — has been weakened.

According to the Ghana Health Service (GHS), the latest outbreak of meningitis is caused by a new strain of bacteria; Neisseria meningitis serotype X, which has no vaccine and streptococcus pneumonia, which has an average case fatality of 40 per cent.

Less common causes of meningitis include: Autoimmune disorders, Cancer medications, Syphilis, Tuberculosis.Meningitis symptoms can develop within hours or days and may include:Confusion
Numbness in your face
Sensitivity to light
Stiff neck so that you can’t lower your chin to your chest
Upset stomach or vomiting.

 Source: Mynewsghana.net

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