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‘Why I park car, bike in my sitting room’ – Dino Melaye opens up



In an interview shared on an Instagram page, the former senator was asked why he always parked his car in his sitting room and claimed that he lives below the poverty line.

When asked why he has a car in his sitting room, the politician said the cars in his living room are part of the furniture in the house and that he always changed them from Rolls Royce to Ferraris and so on.

He went further to reveal that he personally requested the architect to build the house in such an unusual view, adding that he demanded that the swimming pool be on the second floor.

“That’s all I wanted. I just told my architect I want a car in the bedroom, I want a car in the living room, and I want my swimming pool suspended on the second floor.” Speaking on the bikes, he said:

“I also got some very wicked badass two bikes in my living room. I have Davidson in the living room, and I have one of the fastest bikes in the world, Hayabusa, in my living room, with a crocodile seat.”



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