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We’ll charge our own fares if GRA implements VIT – Online Drivers



The GRA has announced that, effective January 1, 2024, it will start implementing the new taxes.

But this directive has sparked outrage among GODU members.

They have accused the GRA of failing to engage them over the recent introduction of the Vehicle Income Tax (VIT).

GODU says the decision was made without any prior consultation with stakeholders, particularly the drivers who will be directly impacted.

A statement issued by GODU admonished the GRA to postpone the implementation of the VIT and initiate discussions with the union to address their concerns.

National Chairman Francis Kweku Tenge said that should their concerns be ignored, they will institute their operational costs and charge their logical fares.

He said the members will engage in price negotiations before embarking on trips with the riders (charge your own fares), as the App companies are failing to recognise us as partners in the transport industry.

He went on to state that there is no legislative instrument that regulates the ride-hailing sector as a commercial entity, and therefore it is illegitimate to tax their operations.




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