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Here’s why trotro, taxis have yellow number plates, other cars GV, CD, white



The yellow plate given by the Drivers Vehicle and License Authority (DVLA) are also targetted at particular persons.

GhanaWeb Business in this article lists the types of number plates and the category of persons allowed to use them.

Yellow number plate

Commercial vehicle drivers who want their cars registered will receive a yellow number plate.

This form of identification is seen on taxis, trotros, and buses.

Green number plate

All green number plates are government vehicles. It helps security personnel identify government officials and sometimes “give” them special treatment when the need be.

CD plate

CD stands for Corps Diplomatic. Cars with DC are mostly driven by foreign diplomats such as ambassadors. Also, members of international organizations use CD plates too.

DV plate

DV means Defective vehicle. Car owners who are yet to register their cars are given DV plate. DV cars are for temporal usage. The DV is valid for twelve calendar months and may be used on different vehicles at different times.

DV also comes with a log book which should contain entries regarding the movement of the vehicle and particulars of the driver. The logbook must be carried at all times.

Black or white background number plate

This type of number plate are used by private individuals. Private owned institutions such as banks, schools and so on also use this number plate.

Meanwhile, DVLA has announced the commencement of an exercise to phase out all old driver’s license cards issued before September 2017 from the system.

It said these old cards will be replaced with smart driver’s license cards.

The exercise, according to the DVLA, takes effect from now till 31st March 2024, after which all old card driver’s licenses shall be rendered invalid by the Authority.



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