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We Need A National Pastors’ Day – Maurice Amapaw Declares



Cape Coast, 18th October, 2020, Private legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw has opined that we need a national pastors day in Ghana to celebrate pastors. “The pastors day that is dedicated by various churches to honour their individual pastors isn’t enough” he added.

“We have National Farmers Day, National Teachers Day and others.” “Because of this, we need a national pastors to appreciate our pastors”. “I’m appealing to the president to declare a day as a national day for pastors” he stated.

Mr Ampaw was speaking on Wontumi tv’s programme “Mmra Ne Abrabɔ Mu Nsem” today Sunday 18th October, 2020.

According to him, pastors and the church have contributed a lot to nation building and it is high time they are honoured. He added that, pastors pray for the sick, the nation, some are more than judges because preside over a lot of cases that come before them, they give hope to the hopeless, they counsel people, they burry the dead and a host of others things pastors do help our country.

Lawyer Ampaw, explained further that, during this Covid-19 period, a lot of Ghanaians couldn’t afford sanitizers, nose mask and others but still, most Ghanaians are alive and going about their normal duties. He continued that some pastors deliberately prayed for the nation to survive the onslaught of the of the covid-19 pandemic.

“I’m by this appealing to the president, Nana Addo-Danquah Akufo-Addo to as a matter of urgency build the National Cathedral to honour God and for the church and pastors in Ghana”. In addition he said, anything that is done for God receives blessings and as such he doesn’t care the opposition others have against the building of the National Cathedral. On top of this, we need a national day for pastors as well.

Lawyer Ampaw however, admonished all pastors to go to back and win souls for God and stop the show off. He added that, today, it appears most pastors are competing in terms of who has the latest luxury car or who has built the best mansion.

This in his view is not what God demands from pastors. He added that, the work of pastors in the olden days was adorable, respectful and gratifying and not what we see today. He continued in the early years in Ghana, most pastors were going into the hinterlands to win souls for God and that earned them a lot of respect.

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