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WATCH: Strange video of Vecna transformation



Following the release of all seven episodes that make up part one of Stranger Things‘ fourth season, renowned makeup artist Barrie Gower and actor Jamie Campbell Bower took to Instagram to show off photos of the latter’s transformation from Henry Creel/001 into Vecna, and now Netflix has offered fans of the series an even more comprehensive look at the process in a new timelapse video.

With Vecna’s true identity and relationship to Millie Bobbie Brown‘s Eleven revealed in episode seven, Netflix has paved the way for a highly anticipated part two for season four, and Will Byers actor Noah Schnapp has now added to the hype by revealing that certain characters will meet their ends in the final two episodes of the season during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Talking about what fans can expect, Schnapp confirmed that there will be “some deaths,” “some gore and a big bang.”

For fans of the franchise, volume two of Stranger Things season four will arrive on Netflix on July 1.

Elsewhere in entertainment, HBO has released the official trailer for Westworld season four.

Watch the video below:




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