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Watch how Maadwoa’s relative requested lottery luck during graveyard visit



Some family members of the late Maadwoa, who was allegedly shot dead by her police inspector boyfriend Ahmed Twumasi, have been captured in a video at her grave seeking spiritual assistance to improve their fortunes.

The relatives turned to Maadwoa’s spirit in hopes of winning the lottery with numbers connected to her death.

During their visit to the cemetery, a particular relative made a plea for luck.

He requested Maadwoa’s spiritual help in winning the lottery with the numbers 27 and 88, which he said were associated with her demise. He did not state the exact connection the two numbers had with the deceased.

“Maadwoa, as we are leaving here, your number is 27, 88. Knowing I would be coming here today, I staked it yesterday, but the devil did not allow me to win to at least come here with 2,000 cedis,” he is heard saying while standing around her tombstone.

He added, “Maadwoa, let 27, 88 be a winning number. We need money, a lot of money because we have suffered for about a year now.”

Watch the video below:


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