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Watch how a man allegedly got mad after being commanded by Bishop Bonegas in a live interview



The live session took an unexpected turn when a young man, who was present during the interview became the subject of the bishop’s extraordinary powers.

Bishop Bonegas emphasized his belief in resolving conflicts through spiritual means rather than engaging in public disputes on social media platforms. He claimed that if someone offends him, he takes the matter to the spiritual realm because he possesses the power to strike them down.

According to the man of God, engaging in physical confrontations would imply a lack of genuine spiritual authority.

“Since I started the work of God, have you ever heard me fighting with someone before? Have you heard Bonegas exchanging words with someone on social media before? But that does not mean people don’t offend me. If you offend me, I will reply you, but it will be in the spiritual realm. So, if I strike you down and you are a man, then you get up and come back. But if I fight with you physically, it means that I don’t have any powers. Any pastor who fights with people physically does not have powers.

“Every pastor who has powers just speaks for things to happen. Then, anybody who offends you will come and apologize to you to forgive him/her, and then you heal the person,” he said.

During the interview, Bishop Bonegas called upon his prayer tower leader, referred to as Eben, to demonstrate the extent of his spiritual authority.

In a bizarre turn of events, the bishop announced that he could make Eben go mad instantly and restore his sanity moments later.

Bishop Bonegas stated, “For example, this man that you are seeing, I can make him go mad right now, and after that, I will heal him back. I can say that I am giving him madness, and instantly he will go mad in less than one minute.

“Just watch it right now. You see this one, he is normal. So, Zion, take it like this man has insulted me and done a lot of things. I can choose not to mind him. If not, I will say in the name of Jesus, I declare you mad. I take out your soul and give you madness, in less than one minute, just watch what will happen.”

Shortly after the declaration, the man exhibited signs of mental distress, removing his shirt and behaving erratically. The said prayer tower leader further appeared aggressive and disoriented, he went on to remove his under garment and as he started to unfasten his trousers, the situation reached a critical point.

However, Bishop Bonegas, apparently satisfied with his point, swiftly commanded Eben’s restoration. He called upon divine intervention, uttering, “In the name of Jesus, hold on, hold on. I declare you healed, out! Any form of madness go away.” And almost instantly, Eben collapsed onto the ground as if he had been miraculously healed.

Watch the video below: From 1:01:21


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