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Watch as popular social media influencer Nana Tea weeded bushes on the edges of GIMPA road



This young lady, according to the post shared by Nana Tea, on his Facebook page, carries the inscription with the message, “Help me pay my rent.”

And that was what he was on his way to confirm when he noticed that the edges of the road were swallowed the main road with its over-lapping, grown bushes.

Explaining in a caption that accompanied his video, the popular social media influencer, Nana Tea, said that having once been a farmer, he had a cutlass in the booth of his car and so he decided to put it to use.

Dressed in a full suit, the young, selfless influencer parked his car on one side of the road, stepped out of it and crossed the road to get to work.

In his caption, as seen by GhanaWeb, he indicated that the reason he decided to clear the bush was because he noticed that a road sign that had been mounted on that side of the road had been completely buried by the bush.

“There’s one lady on the GIMPA Road holding a placard with the inscriptions ‘help me pay my rent,’ some people have seen it and was asked to verify the story.

“On my way to my office (don’t ask me if Abi Bank Manager bcoz I’m in suit) I decided to use the GIMPA Road so I can verify this story. Few meters to her place, I noticed this road sign post was totally covered by weeds. I stopped and cleared the weeds bcoz I already have some cutlass in my car boot (my car owner will shout, Nana it’s my car not yours). This is me burning some calories.

“Once a farmer, always a farmer. The #Asesewa boy in me came alive. Dnt ask me why in suit, I’m in my office pls levels dnt change now certificate farmer. I know someone will say, I have caused deforestation by weeding,” he wrote.

In a related development, a popular Kumasi-based radio presenter, Kwame Ali (Ali Baba Dankabari), was also captured leading a team to weed the bushy roundabout at Suame.

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