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VIDEO: Thermal cameras prove people alive under rubble at site of Atsu’s residence



Reports in Turkish media say thermal cameras used at the facility known as the Hatay Renaissance has confirmed that many people are alive under the rubble following a February 6 earthquake.

Media outlet Ajansspor said the facility which has about 250 flats was populated at the time of the incident.

“There are many living people, confirmed by thermal cameras. The building, where national handball player Cemal Kütahya and his family, Hatayspor manager Taner Savut and football player Christian Atsu are located, is very crowded with a capacity of 1000 people,” Ajansspor tweeted with a video of experts at the site.

Christian Atsu and Hatayspor’s Sporting Director, Taner Savut are among the occupants of the facility who are believed to still be under the rubble.

Reports emerged that Atsu had been rescued alive and sent to the hospital after 26 hours (February 7) but that account was later dismissed as a case of mistaken identity.

Atsu, according to the Ghana ambassador in Turkey is the only Ghanaian who is yet to be accounted for.

The death toll continues to mount even as technical, logistical and relief support from across the world pours in to help the country cope with the magnitude of death and destruction.




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