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VIDEO: Final moments of woman hit by stray bullet during wedding at Nima




Eunice Yeboah was killed by a stray bullet fired by jubilant wedding guests

Sunday, August 22, 2021, will forever be etched in the minds of family of Eunice Yeboah, who became a victim of a stray bullet fired at a wedding celebration at Nima in Accra.

A distraught brother of Eunice told GhanaWeb in an exclusive interview that he was on his way home with his sister when the incident happened.

The 27-year-old lady had earlier expressed fears over the indiscriminate firing of guns by the jubilant youth at the wedding grounds at Freetown, a suburb of Nima.

Shortly after passing by the venue for the wedding, Wisdom indicated that his sister suddenly began to scream, intimating that she had been hit in the hip.

He quickly carried her, requested help and chartered for a taxi to convey her to the hospital.

Eunice eventually died at Tuesday dawn after enduring a 6-hour surgery to remove the bullet which had severed her intestines and womb according to the doctors.

Eunice’s mother, Janet, also told GhanaWeb that after stitching and joining her intestines, the doctor told them she had to be put in a machine that would cost them GH¢2,000.

“…Doctor told me that they were done with the operation but she is unconscious and had been put on oxygen so we should pray. After some time the doctor said Eunice had to be put in a machine to help her recovery but would cost us GH¢2,000.

“I told them I had only GH¢1,300 so I would like to make an initial deposit while I request for the remainder. I used a portion of the money to buy medicines that were prescribed by the doctor…

“After back and forth while she battled for her life, Eunice passed away on Tuesday dawn…” the deceased’s mother added tearfully.

The family of Eunice Yeboah say the case is being investigated by the police although no arrests have been made yet.

Godson, the elder brother of Eunice asserted that several complaints have been made to the Nima police station over the indiscriminate use of guns in the area but nothing has been done about it.

Here’s a video of the final moments of Eunice as the family conveyed her to the hospital after she was hit. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED:



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