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Ghanaian dancer performs for late mother at cemetery



In a video published on his Instagram account, the dancer was captured conducting traditions, including pouring water on his mother’s grave, spraying perfume, and kneeling to speak to her.

The performer gave his mother an update on what he had been up to when it came to his craft.

However, in a caption he shared with the post, he said, “I don’t remember the last time I spent such a long time with you like this, mom.”

“On this special, I want you to know how my journey has been these past years and to let you know that you also deserve the joy and happiness I spread out there to you and the new friends you made here and wherever you are. Best wishes to you. “Sending love and prayers to you in heaven on your birthday, Mom.”

After completing his brief customary rite, the Official Starter went on to take off his shirt and dance for his mother next to her grave and the graves of those who were buried nearby.

He asked her to watch him while he danced since that is how he spreads happiness by entertaining people.




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