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VIDEO: Delay breaks down in tears in an emotional interview




Television Presenter, Delay

• TV presenter Delay shed tears in her interview with singer Dhat Gyal

• Delay noted that she can relate to the life struggles of the 22-year-old singer

• She has advised the singer to stay away from drugs and bad company

It was an emotional sight when television presenter, Deloris Frimpong Manso, well known as Delay couldn’t hold back her tears during an interview with young female musician, Dhat Gyal.

The life story and struggles of the singer who has battled drug addiction in the past according to Delay is very touching.

The TV presenter revealed that she suffered a similar fate but managed to fight through the storms to succeed in life.

Narrating her story, Dhat Gyal revealed that she was introduced to hard drugs at a young age. The dancehall musician also disclosed that she was raped by an unknown man in 2016.

“In 2016, I accompanied a friend and an unknown lady to Mile 7. The woman led us into a house which was occupied by three guys. All of a sudden the woman told us that she had to leave because she has been informed that her baby was crying. Then, I decided that we will all leave but she insisted that we stayed behind.

“It wasn’t clear to me but she assured us that the guys won’t hurt us. After she left, the guys got us some drink but I still wasn’t okay. All of a sudden, one of the guys started touching me and I hesitated. He then got angry and disclosed that the woman who brought us to the house was paid some money. He said they gave the woman money to bring us. He angrily stood up and locked the door. He pounced on me and raped me. Asides from raping me, I was mercilessly beaten,” said the singer.

She added that her mother died just a year after completing Junior High School. Her mother was knocked down by a speeding driver around the Tesano Police Depot in 2016.

Delay who was touched by her story advised the singer against the use of hard drugs and also charged her to avoid bad company.

She said: “Personally, I was telling your management before the interview, even before we met that there are things about you that feels like you are mirroring me in a certain way. You remind me of when I was younger, right from the time my mother died, me trying to find my way in the industry but luckily for me, I didn’t end up with the wrong company. I would say it was by luck but you have tasted that, but I still feel that you are very beautiful, talented, and still very young, 22 years.

“I think you should find God and find him well, He will guide you well. With the kind of industry you want to break out from, its God who can kick your demons out and help you to really discover yourself. All hope is not lost, I saw you crying during the interview. Were you crying because you feel all hope is lost?… If I have been able to succeed in this life, judging from my beginnings and struggles.. just keep your eyes on the goal and be strong.”

Delay who couldn’t hold back her tears towards the tail end of the interview, assured the singer that there was hope for the future.

“Avoid bad company, bad company corrupts a good life. I beg you, stay away from drugs, it will destroy you. Keep your voice fresh and keep on serenading us with good music. Don’t destroy your voice with the drugs, I beg you. I want to be able to sit back and watch you succeed (breaks down). I don’t want you to mess yourself up, I hope you are listening. I am so glad you came,” Delay told the singer, Dhat Gyal.



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