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Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya attacked by fans for promoting this!



Ghanaian YouTube star Wode Maya gets attacked by a fan for showing soft life in Europe! This is a result of the Ghanaian youtube star sharing a Tesla being used as Uber in Switzerland with the caption “Tesla for Uber?????🤣”

One of his fans quickly leaves a comment under his video tweet which reads “Wode Maya, I thought your message was to show the good side of Africa and how it is possible to make here, not to make African youth think it’s better elsewhere. You are fast becoming part of the problem bro.Tell us the cost of the ride, not just it’s in a Tesla.”

Another user responds on the post by saying “It’s only new to you, bro, but it ain’t elsewhere. Don’t ask too many questions next time, and also, don’t show us things like this we way pass that level. 2023 #LEVELUP”

A third user also adds his comment which reads “You too sometimes you be villager ooooo. This no be News.”


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Source: Philip NeeWhang


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