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UK’s Dept. Prime Minister Dominic Raab resigns



Deputy prime minister Dominic Raab has resigned from government, following the conclusion of an inquiry into bullying allegations made against him.

Raab hits out at report’s ‘flawed’ findings against him

In the last few moments, Dominic Raab has resigned from his posts as justice secretary and deputy prime minister.

In his resignation letter, Raab says he feels “duty bound to accept the outcome of the inquiry” – but points out that the report by Adam Tolley KC “dismissed all but two of the claims levelled against me”.

We’ve not seen the report yet, we’ll bring it to you when we have it.

“I also believe that its two adverse findings are flawed and set a dangerous precedent for the conduct of good government,” Raab writes.

Inquiry has set dangerous precedent – Raab

In his resignation statement, published on Twitter, Dominic Raab takes aim at the inquiry, saying: “In setting the threshold for bullying so low, this inquiry has set a dangerous precedent.

“It will encourage spurious complaints against ministers, and have a chilling effect on those driving change on behalf of your government – and ultimately the British people.”

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