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Tragedy strikes as thirteen lives lost from toxic porridge consumption in Namibia



Thirteen individuals tragically lost their lives within a three-day period, while four others remain in critical condition after consuming suspected poisonous food in Namibia.

The victims, belonging to a household consisting of 22 individuals in the village of Kayova, located in the northeastern Kavango region, were predominantly children who were suffering from severe food scarcity.

According to report, the health ministry stated that the family had ingested a toxic porridge prepared using pearl millet flour and fermented sediment extracted from a homemade beverage. In response to the devastating incident, the ministry has dispatched a team of workers to offer psychological and emotional support to the grieving family.

To determine the cause of the poisoning, samples of the porridge have been sent to South Africa for extensive testing related to food contamination. The situation continues to unfold, with efforts focused on aiding the affected family and preventing further harm.




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