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This is why you shouldn’t make your partner jealous



Your credibility drops and you add unnecessary stress to the relationship.

To add to that, no one wants to come off as insecure. Hence, people would act unbothered when you try to make them Jealous. This in turn makes you intensify your efforts with whomever you’re flirting with, leading to a chain of reactions that could ultimately end your relationship.

You see, when you love someone, it comes with a price, you have to make sacrifices. If you were used to flirting with several women before, that’s okay. However, now that you’re in a serious relationship, you really can’t go about flirting with other women. It’s unfair to your partner and it’s a sign of disrespect; it shows she’s not a priority and you don’t really care about her feelings.

And if that’s the case, then maybe she shouldn’t be dating you.

Some women also do this, every time you have a fight with your boyfriend, you put up another man’s picture with the caption “Runaway boo, I miss you xoxo”. Come on sis! That’s a bit harsh don’t you think? You’ll make your man resentful.

The point isn’t that we can’t be friends with the opposite sex, no. The point is we need to stop teetering. Anyone who makes advances at you isn’t your friend, they want a romantic relationship and if you’re not granting their request, then it’s best to keep them at bay.

Your partner already has a lot to worry about: work, their boss, exams, salary, siblings, haters, traffic, village people, etc. Don’t add to it. They can’t worry about all these and then worry if you’re with your ‘runaway boo’ or your ‘bestie’. The last thing they need is stress from you.

In conclusion, making your partner jealous doesn’t make them love you more, it makes them trust you, less. You should build up trust not tear it down.




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