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Thieves caught with stolen sheep, dressed it like a baby

Two criminals were apprehended in Kenya while attempting to flee a settlement with a sheep they had stolen and disguised as a newborn.

They were captured by neighborhood watch members while riding a motorcycle with the animal they had dressed up to seem like a youngster.

According to local media, when the suspects were stopped and questioned about what they were carrying, they said they were transporting a sick infant to a nearby hospital.

The vigilantes began to mistrust the two guys when they seemed agitated and uneasy when requested to reveal the baby’s face.

When the clothing were ultimately taken off, it was shown to be a sheep rather than a kid, confirming their suspicions.

Because the two guys were outsiders in the neighborhood and a local resident had claimed that his sheep had been taken, they were prime suspicions.

The robbers were turned up to the police when they arrived after a police call was made.

Meanwhile, a suspected thief was ‘arrested’ a few weeks ago by bandits operating in Katsina State when they discovered stolen goods in a neighborhood.

The middle-aged guy reportedly specialized in removing iron bars and metal rods from unfinished and abandoned structures throughout the state.

The bandits described how they apprehended the vandal as they were riding their motorbikes around the neighborhood.

A video that the magazine was able to get showed the armed men parading the scavenger and the stolen goods that were contained on a cart.

It also included a local leader who was asked to make sure the culprit was turned over to the police.

However, it was not immediately possible to determine the incident’s date from the video.

The gang continued to lecture the caught thief on the evils of stealing as they were equipped with various high-tech weapons.

They spoke about how the state’s government assets are being destroyed by thieves.

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