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The white highlander was in a ‘hurry’ – Witness gives blow by blow account of gory Tema accident

A road user has given a chilling account of how a Toyota Highlander driver with four other passengers died in a gory accident because they were in a hurry and speeding.

The car crashed into a tanker at the Kpong Barrier, killing all occupants at about 9:30pm three days ago. The road user who was behind the vehicle right from the Accra mall wrote how he observed the drivers road attitude.

According to the road user, he had observed the white Highlander from the Tema Motorway tollbooth where the driver sped off right after paying his toll and kept running at top speed.

Read the chronological narrative below:

9pm last night: spotted this white Toyota Highlander at the Toll booth of the Tema bound end of the motorway. Highlanders always catch my attention.

Driver pays toll and quickly accelerates. Well the 280hp can pick up some good speed, but slow down it’s dark.

9:20pm: Meets the Highlander at the motorway roundabout. Obviously going my direction. A VRx V8 rears it head from nowhere. The highlander obviously is in the mood for a drag race this night. Kicks down again.

9:25pm: Meets this chap at the Steelworks Junction traffic light (TT Brothers). He’s in the lead and we’re about 6 cars behind him. Light changes to green. Kick down again. V6 wants to outdo a V8.

9:30: Before Kpone Barrier; sudden traffic. Where from this traffic at this time of the night. Some soldier with rifle is seen directing traffic. One cab driver tries to use the shoulder of the road and he gets screamed at: “where are you going, don’t you know people are dead up front”?

Traffic moves slowly and we get to the accident spot. White Highlander has become a white paper. Flattened.

Climbed over the pavement and went into the opposing lane. Head on collision with an oncoming tanker. He prob tried swerving a pothole at that top speed. My guess was he was doing over 140km/hr

All occupants in car dead, as people struggled to remove the mortal remains from the mangled car. Blood drips slowly across the street.


One minute alive, next minute dead! Occupants didn’t reach their destination. Now they have a final destination…


Source: Mynewsgh.com

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