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The unique names and customs you can only find among the Adas in Ghana



Though there are a few exceptions, intermarriage is generally encouraged among the people of Ada.

Before marriage, however, for the ladies especially, a puberty rite is performed called ‘Okormapomi’ which translates to – shown around the village.

During this time, ladies are expected to parade around the village for 3 weeks, during which they are prepared, advised, and taught the nitty-gritty of womanhood ahead of marriage.

While they go around the village, possible suitors identify them and go ahead to see their parents for marriage rites if they are accepted by the various families.

With regards to Naming also, the Adas have names for both males and females which are unique to each of their 10 clans. The only exception in this was explained by Stool Prince of the Kabiawe Yumu clan when he spoke on this episode of People & Places on GhanaWeb TV.

“Ada we have something called Nyekobi, Ky3kobi, which means your aunties and your uncles’ children. Sometimes your great grandfather or mother has done something for another clan, they can choose to name their children after them,” Ayiku Akuako said.

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