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The hilarious story of how Mario Balotelli brually pranked Ex-Manchester City teammate Micah Richards



Micah Richards joined Fiorentina on loan from Manchester City in 2014 after he was granted limited game time.

Following his move to Fiorentina, Micah Richard sought lessons in Italian language from Mario Balotelli.

However, the forward, who was at Liverpool, ended up doing the exact opposite as he created an incredibly awkward scene.

Speaking on The Rest Is Football podcast, Richards explained: “I went to Fiorentina on the last day of the transfer window and obviously I don’t speak Italian – I’ve got ‘Si’ – yes, basically.

“Like the absolute idiot that I am, I spoke to Balotelli to say ‘What should I say when I’m greeting someone?’ Because he’s normally good.”

Richards then proceeds to explain how he went up to Montella and opened with the X-rated phrase.

Richards continued: “That was the first time I’ve told this story because I’m thinking ‘Should I tell it? Should I tell it?’

“I’ve gone up to the manager and called him a f***ing d***head. What an idiot.

“You know what, why didn’t I just check? You can just Google it. For some reason, I just believed Balotelli. He set me up, he got me a kipper. And to be fair to Montella he just started laughing.”

Richards played just 19 times for Fiorentina during a campaign which saw them finish fourth in Serie A – qualifying them for the Europa League.




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