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Tension As Bulldozer Demolishes UTC Shopping Complex



The administration stated that the decision to rebrand and modernize the more than 30-year-old complex was made after consulting with all interested parties.

According to information gathered by New Telegraph, the structure was overdue for reorganization in order to conform to the model of a Shopping Complex required to grow SMBs in response to global business requirements and challenges.

Hassan Ogbole, Deputy Director of Monitoring and Inspection for the Department of Development, stated that the structures were deficient and required an upgrade to global business standards.

Ogbole noted that provisions had been made for the Complex’s merchants and other occupants to facilitate the area’s reconstruction.

He also stated that sufficient notices had been given to the occupants of the building so that they could vacate and allow construction to commence, but that many of them refused to vacate and others refused to move out on purpose.

According to him, the location is in a state of disrepair and is no longer suitable for occupation or commerce. The location must make way for a new development.

“The development company has notified Development Control, and we are here to enforce conformance. We have given them sufficient notice to remove their belongings in order for us to begin work.”

Peter Olumiji, Secretary, Command and Control, Department of Security, FCTA, concurred that the Complex must be demolished to resolve the region’s security issues.

Olumiji noted that, in addition to reorganizing the area to conform to international standards, it was necessary to reduce the criminal activity pervasive in the area.

He disclosed that renovation plans were meticulously crafted to end the criminal activity that tarnishes the place’s reputation, particularly the forgery of official documents.

Samuel Onuchukwu, one of the merchants in the Complex, stated that the traders and other Complex occupants were concerned because the temporary site provided for the developers was not secured for business.

Onuchukwu revealed that many merchants had not yet removed their products and property from the stores and offices.

According to him, they awoke early on Saturday morning to discover that the entire UTC area had been barricaded and that people’s personal belongings were still entrapped.



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