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Tenant Beats Landlord Over Rent

An angry tenant took matters into his own hands after his landlord increased his rent by 200 per cent.

According to a trending video online, after the landlord presented his new rent fee to the tenant, he refused to consider his plea to reconsider the astronomical amount he had added to the already expensive existing fee.

Upon several confrontations to take the new rent fee from the tenant, things got escalated as he refused to pay the new amount and also leave the house.

After several minutes of trading insults at each other, the landlord and tenant decided to get physical as men.

As seen in the video, the elderly landlord who was shirtless received the beatings of his life despite proving to be a hard nut to crack.

This video has received mixed reactions from social media users who have come across it.

Some have called on the police service to rest the tenant for beating his landlord.

Others are also of the view that the man did the right thing – Because how can one increase his rent amount by a staggering 200 percent.


Source: Nana Kay News

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