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Taxi driver deploys ‘superhuman’ tactic to ensure every litre of fuel enters his tank



In the current economic climate in Ghana, everyone seems to be finding their own ways of making use of even the smallest items, just so they get to survive.

For instance, hikes in fuel prices often result in high costs of living, goods and services, making the commodity an essential one for most vehicle users.

In a video that GhanaWeb Business has chanced on, a taxi driver decided to exhibit his ‘superhuman’ traits in ensuring all of the fuel he was paying for entered into his car fuel tank.

The video, which has received varied reactions on social media, shows the man at the back of his car boot, jumping and wobbling the vehicle up and down to ensure that every litre of fuel enters his vehicle.

In the background of the video is a voice questioning the rationale behind the taxi driver’s decision to deploy such a tactic.

NB: Do not try this tactic at any filling station:

Watch the video below:

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