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The African tribe that allows wife-stealing

Wodaabe at a wife-stealing festival The Wodaabe tribe is a Fulani tribe in Niger, West Africa. The males in the tribe are regarded as very vain because they believe that they are the most handsome set of men and they always carry mirrors. In the Wodaabe tribe, people are given …

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Top 10 exquisite kente gowns that ruled 2021

2020 was no doubt a rough year. With COVID-19 postponing many weddings and other events, we are not surprised that 2021 brides came with fire and special style. Despite the fact that the pandemic was still presenting difficulties and uncertainty, nothing could stop these brides from walking down the aisle …

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Ministries that were ‘kicked out’ in 2021

  Following the transition of the New Patriotic Party for their second term in governance, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo had to choose persons he deemed fit to join his administration for the 4-year period. This decision involved downsizing his already existing government and making provision for some new ministries with different …

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