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Strongman reacts to calls to jump onto Amerado and Lyrical Joe’s beef



Rapper, Strongman

Ghanaian rapper Strongman has topped Twitter trends in the ongoing beef between his two colleagues Amerado and Lyrical because netizens say he is an undefeated rapper when it comes to diss songs.

They have wished for either Amerado or Joe to awaken the beast in the ‘Immortal’ diss maker by just throwing shots at him in their lyrical battle. Some have also noted that some subliminal shots have been thrown at him already and hence needed to reply.

The calls from social media users have partially gotten to Strongman who in a rather disappointing response noted that he can not jump on the beef when both parties have not evoked his wrath.

“I don’t do beef like a woman. If u want to diss just go straight to the point And wait for your response. Never mistake stupidity for confidence,” his tweet, Wednesday, read.

Strongman, known to be one of Ghana’s hardest rappers, cemented his name in the industry as one of the best battle rappers when he went head to head with Medikal in a bloody beef back in 2021.

Recalling Strongman‘s beef, a Twitter user @kwaku_majesty_ wrote: “Strongman is the only rapper who made squad listened to him while pastor was preaching… He dropped Immortal at 10am on Sunday here.”

Another user @ama_etwepa1 who is loving the current beef added: “I just want either Amerado or Lyrical Joe, to mention Strongman in the beef for him to reply kɛkɛ.

A third, @FDperfed commented: “Two rappers they beef but Strongman is trending for one corner.”

So far, Amerado’s diss songs titled ‘Kyidom’, ‘Ponky Joe’ and ‘Sin No More’ have resulted in Lyrical Joe also spitting bars to bruise the ego of Amerado in his diss songs – ‘Baboon’, ‘Mute’ and ‘Kwabena Numbers’.

Check out the tweets below:

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