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Shatta reacts to fake birthday cheque allegation



Over the weekend, Shatta Wale made headlines for gracing the star-dubbed birthday party of one of his longtime friends, Prince Henry Richgame that witnessed him signing a $100,000 cheque for the celebrant.

Hours after the news of Shatta’s kind act hit the internet, some naysayers took to social media to describe the cheque as fake. Others who were in disbelief argued that Shatta was once again throwing dust into the eye of the public.

Days after the debate on whether the $100,000 cheque was fake or not, the Dancehall musician has reacted to the allegations levelled against him with a massive clap back at Twitter users.

Shatta who took time to school his critics in a back-to-back response named himself as a ‘talented insulter’ who is ever ready to take on anyone who dares to cyber bully him.

“I like it when they talk about me,” he declared in a retweet of one of the posts that claimed his cheque to Prince Richgame was fake.

This was coupled with a clap back at tweeps who claimed that Shatta Wale is not as wealthy as he claimed.

Check out some tweets below:


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