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Man claiming to be Agya Koo’s father surfaces, seeks reconciliation



The old man, identified as Kwesi Bediako, is seeking a reconciliation with his son, whom he had not seen since birth.

According to Mr. Bediako, he and the actor’s mother met and started a relationship during his working days at Meridian Hotel in Tema.

He said they had been together for a while until she informed him that she was pregnant and bolted afterward.

In an interview with Ghana News TV, monitored by GhanaWeb, Mr. Bediako said he is seeking every means possible to get in touch with his son.

“After Agya Koo’s mother and I met in Tema during work, we started a relationship and she later informed me that she was pregnant. She gave birth and named the child Kofi Adu but I wasn’t aware. I had not seen her and my child since.

“My name is Agya Koo, so there is no doubt that my son adopted that name. It is no coincidence. I have heard different stories about his mother’s whereabouts. Some say she is dead; others say she is still alive, I don’t know.

“As for my son, I didn’t know what he looked like until I bought one of his movies. Life is extremely hard for me. So, everybody is asking me to go and find my son and make amends because now he is a successful man. they have encouraged me to find him because he could transform my life for the better. He could help ease my present suffering as a farmer,” he established.

He also stated some reasons that initially deterred him from reaching out to his son.

“Initially I badly wanted to meet him but I was shy. I held back because I was skeptical about how he would receive me. I was scared he might not accept me because I wasn’t there for him while he was suffering. Also, how he acts on TV, tells me he could be a difficult person. All these things scare me,” he stated.

Earlier in 2013, the veteran actor denied a 50-year-old woman who claimed to be his biological mother on a radio station in the Ashanti region.

“My mother died 7 years ago…I don’t know that woman,” he expressed during a phone-in interview.

Meanwhile, Agya Koo is yet to comment on the new development regarding his ‘lost and found’ father.

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