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Sarkodie scares netizens with ‘cancer’ post on Twitter



This is because, in a recent tweet published on the Bird app, the rapper asked if his fans know how it feels to deal with cancers.

In the tweet, Sarkodie wrote, “You know how it is when you dealing with cancers.”

Although the rapper did not explicitly state what sort of cancer he is talking about, be it cancers; health conditions, or cancers; the zodiac classification of human personalities, his fans replied alarmed seeking to know if the multi-awarded rapper or someone close to him is suffering from cancer.

Sarkodie is currently on vacation with his family. This was made known when the rapper on July 3, 2023, tweeted that he has taken time off and followed up on that tweet with a photo that looked like he was on vacation.

His spouse, Tracy Sarkcess made it clearer, when she published a short video of the duo on vacation.

The rapper has recently been in the news following the publication of ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’, a memoir by famed actress, Yvonne Nelson which she opened up about aborting a child, she conceived with Sarkodie, and also for his response to her explosive memoir through his song, ‘Try me’.

Here is Sarkodie’s tweet and the response from netizens




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