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Empress Lupita and Godpapa The Greatest are back from prison



The two viral TikTok couple were earlier arrested and remanded into police custody by the Tema Magistrate Court over the tragic death of their two children.

The couple appeared in court on May 31st and reappeared on June 15th.

Nothing has since been heard of them, however, in a new development, they have announced their comeback on social media.

In one of the videos, Jocelyn Chayah also known as ‘Empress Lupita’ was seen in a jubilant mood while celebrating her freedom.

“We are back! Have you not missed me?” she exclaimed while dancing and vibing to E.L.’s ‘Higher’.

In a separate video, they kissed and touched each other while staging thier comeback.


The couple, who are suspected to be mentally ill and in need of medical assistance, are believed to have murdered and subsequently buried their deceased children.

Their youngest child, however, managed to escape from home and shared some of his harrowing experiences under his parents’ care before fleeing.

Prior to their arrest, the couple had gained significant attention on the social media platform TikTok, where they went by the names Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita.

In one of their media interviews, they admitted to sacrificing one of their children, claiming that they believed the child was possessed by an evil spirit and that his future would involve engaging in criminal activities detrimental to the nation.

The couple had been sharing their home experiences on social media, providing glimpses into their lives, until their arrest by the police last week.



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