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Sarkodie finally replies Nasty C



Sarkodie and Nasty C

It appears that Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie, has responded to Nasty C in the midst of their alleged feud.

Earlier, in a freestyle session on South Africa-based Metro FM, Nasty C disclosed an instance where Sarkodie rejected his handshake, a development which resulted in his decision to not collaborate with the Ghanaian rapper till further notice.

Nasty C who was at that time a budding rapper, swore to never agree to collaborate with Sarkodie if he ever grew bigger in stardom.

Essentially, the two rappers do not have a song together to date, which he said is in fulfillment of that pledge.

This is despite two different occasions where according to him, Sarkodie reached out.

“See, when I first met Sarkodie, he wouldn’t shake my hand… Cool, I’m not too proud to say I’m still a fan but I held a grudge and told myself to wait till I’m the man…” Nasty rapped in a clip which went viral on social media.

But after being silent for over a month, Sarkodie has seemingly responded to Nasty C’s claims.

In his latest single titled ‘Landlord’, the Ghanaian rapper said;

“I heard the young champ is hurt I’m sorry. But anytime you meet the highest, all you need is just a marker to grab an autograph and get the f*ck out. I aint got to shake your hand so you can walk out. And so you know, it’s not me you fighting. It’s your own ego and a couple of things you’ve got to sort out. See I aint got pride to reach out to nobody. I love that Nigga, your ego is so baggy. I never reached out hommie but I know what you doing. Such smart ass touching the god is part of the plan. That shit is still old but still work. This is like Jay Z responding to Lil Durk.”

Sarkodie’s alleged reply has since stirred massive reactions on social media, thereby, skyrocketing him to top Twitter trends.

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