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Residents of Bolga express varied views regarding lndependence Day celebration



Ghana celebrated its 66th Independence Day to honour the heroes of the country who led them to attain independence from colonial rule.

In Bolgatanga, in the Upper East Region, the occasion was marked at the Ramsey Sports Stadium, which was packed with participants.

Following the celebration, GhanaWeb spoke to a section of residents in Bolga, regarding the significance of the celebration.

Mr Anoyas opined that the celebration was indeed important as if helped Ghanaians to demonstrate how far they had come.

“The Independence Day is good for demonstration of Ghana’s democracy and how far we have gone with democracy,” he pointed.

He however quickly added, that with the current economic situation, it could have just been celebrated in some selected places,` and not nationwide.

” …but looking at the economic situation, l would have suggested that the president should have postponed it just do it at one place, but not to be observed everywhere,” he further pointed.

Mr. Simba was of the view that the celebration of the occasion was in the right direction.

He elaborated that it would conscientize generations to come about the fact that they were once colonized, but are now free from colonial rule.

“For Independence Day, it should be celebrated because generations yet unborn should come and meet it, that yes, Ghana fought for their own independence.”

The 66th Independence Day was marked at Ho, the Volta Regional capital.

The event was co-hosted with the Adaklu District at the Volta Regional Youth Resource Centre at Adaklu.

This year’s event was on the theme: “Our Unity, Our Strength, Our Purpose”. President Umaro Sissoco Embaló of Guinea Bissau, who is also the Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), is the Special Guest of Honour.



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