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Water shortage hits Central Region




Acute water shortage hits Central Region

There has been an acute shortage of potable water supply in Central Region though the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has assured residents that steps are being taken to lessen the effects.

The Company explained in a release on Sunday, January 9 that it is facing challenges with the abstraction of adequate quantities of raw water for its treatment plants at Sekyere Hemang and Baifikrom.

“Due to lack of fresh water inflows into the Prah River and the IDA Dam at Sekyere Hemang and Baifikrom respectively, the water levels at the two intake points have gone very low making it difficult to abstract enough raw water for treatment.”

“The situation has, therefore, resulted in low production of potable water leading to significant water supply shortfalls in Cape Coast Metropolis and Saltpond town.

“Management of the company directly identifies with the hardship which cherished customers are currently going through in search of potable water and is critically studying the situation to find ways of ameliorating the difficulties.”



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