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Pristine or polluted: Government accused of posting fake River Ankobra photos



This was after a widely publicized visit by the deputy minister George Mireku Duker to the Ankobra river, where it was reported that the river’s turbidity had improved drastically.

Ministry posts visit on Facebook page

The post accompanied with photos and a UTV report read in part: “The Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources responsible for Mines, Hon. George Mireku Duker has noted that the return of the Ankobra River and other waterbodies to their pure status is a reflection of the strides made by government’s fight against illegal mining.

“According to him, the progress made in the turbidity level of the waterbodies is indicative of the fact that the anti-galamsey fight is yielding results.

“Speaking after the tour of the Ankobra River which is fast regaining its authentic and clean status on Thursday, 16th February 2023 , Hon. Mireku Duker commended the various stakeholders for their respective roles in the fight against illegal mining.”

Joy News journalist contests claims

In the news stories shared , the river is shown having changed from its hitherto brownish colour as a result of galamsey activities, and taking on a bright green colour.

The government’s verdict and associated celebration by pro-government persons has, however, been challenged by Erastus Asare Donkor of the Multimedia Group, a journalist who has extensively covered galamsey and its associated destruction.

He posted a video on Facebook over the weekend, which showed that the river still had a brownish look contrary to the videos and photos shared after the minister’s visit.

He captioned the post: “Ladies and gentlemen, River Ankobra at the Dominase source point. Those who are peddling propaganda with a green Ankobra are the same people superintending over illegal mining that is destroying the river.

“I wonder why such people continue to hold leadership positions. If you think this pollution is far away from you. Be warned!! Its already on your plate in Accra.”



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